What Are The Values That Drive North Central Church?

What Are The Values That Drive North Central Church?

ValuesThis past summer our Pastors gathered for a semi-annual planning retreat.

It was our goal to sift through many of the things we like to do, want to do, need to do and must do in order to help us identify a clearer picture of what our church, by nature, SHOULD do.  We also clarified how we should do those things. We call these our values.

Our values are the ideals that we most esteem as a church family. They are the philosophical foundation of our collective ideology. They are the things that we hold dear and use to help make and guide our decisions.  They help keep us on track during the mission and while progressing toward our vision.


Gospel-centrality We value centering our life and message around the Good News over giving good advice or expecting good behavior.

Outwardness  We value  connecting with and caring for people who are not yet a part of a faith family over an inward focus.

Fruitfulness  We value ‘inside-out’ change and expanding growth over faithful activity.

Authenticity  We value genuine expression over hyped experience.

Generosity We value the joy of sacrificially investing in and depending on others over casually consuming.

Simplicity  We value clarity over complexity.

Keep in mind, these are always ideals though not always realities. They are filters that we sift our attitudes, thinking and activity through. These are shaping and tuning how we do what we’re doing.

May God cause these values to help us make Jesus’ name famous in north central New York and around the world.

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