John 18:36

Main Idea ||  For our faith to be irresistible, we Christians must turn our faces outward and join Jesus’s movement of loving people, places, and things back to life.

Fill-In Notes:



1. After all the advances in technology and research, what are we to make of a world that still seems more tired than energized, more hurting than whole, more sick than healthy, more life-sucking than life-giving, more divided than united, and more bent toward decline than toward progress?”

a. Do you agree with his assessment? What’s the answer?

2. In the Christian world view, a universal Christian job description is “leaving people, places, and things better than they found them.”

a. Can you think of some ways we’ve succeeded or failed to do that?

3. What if Christians were known for their life-giving parties, generosity, insightful discourse, quality workers, thriving marriages, grace-giving communities and love for their enemies —

a. How might we be able to salt & light the world with that reputation?