Ezekiel 11:19
Mother's Day 2022

Main Idea || Two ways the Gospel changes our perspective of motherhood.

Fill-In Notes:



1. Was there ever a time you got caught up in trying to pursue perfection more than Jesus?

2. The Gospel says,

  • Jesus did what I could never doJ
  • esus lived in perfect obedience to His Father every moment of every day
  • Jesus completely paid for my past, present, and future sin with His death; He satisfied God’s wrath for my rebellion and sin
  • Jesus is my substitute in life and death
  • Through faith in Him, so…
    • I am His daughter
    • I belong to Him and
    • He is at work transforming my life to reflect His character

After reading the above list of what the gospel says, think of your different roles/responsibilities. Can you think of any ways the Gospel has impacted the way you live out these roles/responsibilities?

3. God accepts us as we are but he doesn't leave us as we are. What aspect of God’s character (intimate, patient, forgiving) do you struggle to reflect? How could meditating on His character help you?




Stacey Esek - Women's Ministry Director

3 Big Ideas | We recognize our own depravity. We surrender to God. God accepts us as we are.