Romans 5:11

Main Idea || Jesus made us friends with God, so we can now live in joy instead of fear. 

Fill-In Notes:



1. How would you describe your view of God before learning of his justification by grace?

a. Cosmic Cop — confronting your mistakes

b. Vending Machine — dispensing your desires

c. Angry Judge — condemning your past failure

d. Mysterious Force — communicating in the distance by hidden code

e. Your Friend — forgiving, receiving & relating to you just as you are

f. Other _______ ?

2. Where, other than God, are you tempted to seek or sustain your joy?

a. What could you remind yourself about God in order to rejoice in him instead?

3. So how might you grow your friendship with God w/more focused time & attention on Jesus & justification?  

4. Try to express to your group the joy this truth brings you :

a. Romans 5:21 (NLT): 21 So just as sin ruled over all people and brought them to death, now God’s wonderful grace rules instead, giving us right standing with God and resulting in eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.