Ephesians 2:1-10

Main Idea || We are made alive with Christ.

Fill-In Notes:



1. Have you ever thought through what it means to be "alive with Christ?" If so,

  • how have you contextualized that? Physically? Spiritually?

2. Being "alive with Christ" means our past is forgiven and our present is meaningful.

  • How could really believing that change the way you view your story and the new purpose God's given you?

3. The Bible is full to the brim with garden imagery.

  • How might leaning into Spring (seeds, soil, sunlight, new growth) help us see a more complete picture of God's story?
  • How might it help prepare you to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus in a few weeks?

4. Being "alive with Christ" means our future is glorious.

  • When you think about your forever life, do you picture a renewed/restored earth?
  • What "signposts" have you experienced that look/feel/smell/taste/sound "new-earthy?”.