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Christians talk much about having a relationship with God. The question is, what does this actually mean? How can we have a relationship with someone who isn’t physically present with us, whom we cannot see or touch?

All too often, it seems easier to fill our heads with knowledge about God rather than filling our hearts with the enjoyment and experience of Him. This inevitably leaves us feeling dry and spiritually weary. Yet, God’s plans far more for and from us. His salvation purpose is found in bringing us into a relationship with Him, which we are able to enjoy and in which He — and we — delight!

Most of all, God is personal. Father, Son and Spirit are in eternal relationship, enjoying one another in ceaseless love. We are invited into that very relationship. The key to enjoying God, then, is relating to Him as He relates to us, as Father, Son, and Spirit, and pressing into the communion with Him that is produced by union with Christ.

If ever you wonder if there could be, or feel there should be more to your relationship with God, and you wonder how to find it, this series will fuel your joy in Him.