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It’s been 3 full years? It seems impossible that it’s already been 3 full years since we first broke ground and launched our In This } Together Capital Campaign on June 24th, 2018. 


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I remember that even in the months that led up to that date, God was already at work. Our leadership team projected that the total cost of the project would be $1,800,000 (labor + construction + furnishings). We actually came in just a bit below that amount. That felt like a minor miracle. 


Faced with that intimidating projected cost, our church family stepped up to the challenge in so many ways to support this expressed vision: 


“We believe God has purposefully and perfectly positioned us in north central, New York to partner with and support families. Together, with shared sacrifice, we are envisioning and praying for the arrival of new families, more sincere responses to Jesus, more children pouring into our open doors and more hope pouring into more lives.”


Since opening the building in 2019, there’s noticeable progress making this vision a reality. After building trust and expressing our care, many new families have begun attending and now call North Central Church their church home. We have developed meaningful relationships in our community through the Kid Central CNY Remote Learning Center this past school year. Our blooming preschool is currently preparing for its third school year as families have already enrolled for the fall -- 18 beautiful 3 & 4 year olds. There’s so much more ahead for us. 


This was a big challenge for our church family -- a step of faith we made together. Together, we promised to give $765,817,  just over ⅓ of the actual cost. Over the past 3 years, our faith has been stretched as people who promised to give either left our church or were unable to fulfill or even begin their promise. And like many other churches, so many of our families moved away or faced financial hardships brought by the uncertainty of the pandemic crisis. 


However, we should pay attention to how faithful God is. He placed it on the hearts of so many people to continue to give, to give even though they never made a promise or chose to give over and above their original promise. 


Up until now, the final month of our campaign, we have received a total of $825,252 (as of 6/21/21)! When this giving is combined with our designated savings, only $578,177 (as of 6/1/21) of our mortgage remains.


As the Lord does His part to provide, we will do our part to save money on interest by paying our debt down as rapidly as possible. Everyone who continues to give will accelerate our payoff and help increase our savings. “Continuing on” can mean giving (give online here): 

  1. an additional one-time gift to reduce the mortgage principle

  2. your recurring gift until the mortgage is paid off

  3. your promised amount if there is an “outstanding amount” remaining after the campaign ends


Every dollar of giving toward our building project will be directed into accelerating the mortgage payoff more quickly. Our goal is to be debt free as soon as possible while watching God use this new building to impact our church family and neighboring community.


Even as our campaign comes to an end, we will continue to report the remaining mortgage balance in our monthly newsletter (subscribe here). In our upcoming annual report for 2021 we will share all the ways God has and continues to use the Kid Central space for our good and his glory. On Sunday, June 27, we will announce the completion of our capital campaign.


Please hear and accept a heartfelt THANK YOU!! Thank you for joining us on this journey and especially for trusting your leaders, for sacrificing, for volunteering and for praying. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for you and your partnership. 


Pastor Dan Williams

A reflection from the past: 

“We are grateful to God for blessing us with this beautiful property and facility we are presently using as a ministry tool and all the prior sacrifices made to build it. We’re grateful too for this vital new opportunity to create an additional space -- a massive new tool for expanding, improving, and upgrading our ability to reach, retain and develop the next generation of church leaders and their families. We are prioritizing the enhancement of safety, security, functionality and beauty!” ~ Pastor Dan Williams