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KC will be reopening on September 13th!
There is some important information you need to know:

Kid Central Jr.
  • Nursery/Toddler space will be for ages 0-2
  • 3 yr. olds will now be sitting with their parents until kids are dismissed to KC (3yrs-6th graders)
  • 3 yr. olds will be part of KC and in a pre-K/K group
Kid Central
  • We will be utilizing the BIG room and Rec room for classrooms until further notice (this will give us the ability to social distance as best we can)
  • We will now have 3 groups for KC:
  • Pre-K (ages 3-4yrs)
  • Lower (5yrs-2nd grade)
  • Upper (3rd-6th grade)
It will be up to the parents whether they want their kid(s) to wear a mask or not. The KC team will not be responsible for enforcing children keep their masks on. We will simply make general reminders to all children whose parents sent them with a mask to keep it on. 

All team members will be required to wear a face shield or mask while serving. The KC space will be cleaned in-between services, including doorknobs, toys, tables, chairs, the water fountain, and the bathrooms designated for the children's use. 

Check out this video for more details and click here to register your child(ren) and/or join the KC team!