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Dear Church Family,

In keeping with the latest NYS mask mandate and beginning Wednesday (12/15/21), we are asking everyone to wear a mask while gathering inside our church building. As specified by the announcement, this includes children ages 2+ . We’ll expect parents to decide if their child is able to wear a mask.

Our church includes both those who are encouraged and comforted with these measures in place and some who are discouraged and frustrated. Our church leadership recognizes there are a wide variety of feelings, convictions and preferences on this matter. Also, our church leaders understand the “mask mandate” represents deep underlying issues many are concerned about : public health & compassion, individual freedom, public distrust for government officials, freedom of religion, etc. 

We do believe there is a limit to what compromises we (as Christians) are able to make with our government officials. Presently we feel that being “required” to wear masks doesn’t cross that line and we’re doing all we can to “live at peace with everyone”.  

In a season all about joy, let me encourage you to resist letting this steal your joy. Resist letting this rob you of the opportunity to gather with your friends and family to celebrate the birth of the true King. 

Pastor Dan & Church Leadership Staff