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Hi NCC Family!

We NCC leaders have done our best to supportively remain in step with what our county executive has asked of us. Our updated guidelines for our church family is the following: 

  • If comfortable, fully vaccinated adults and fully vaccinated students (12yrs+) may attend without a mask or social distancing. We won’t be asking for proof of vaccination.
  • For those who are either immunocompromised or unvaccinated, the CDC and State & Local Health leaders recommend continuing to wear a mask and to social distance. We encourage our attenders to adhere to those recommendations.
  • We will no longer have distanced indoor seating.
  • For now, for those who may remain extra cautious, we will continue on with a weekly Live Stream of our Sunday service.
  • In compliance with the recent State of NY policy change, we will no longer be enforcing any face covering or social distancing in our children's program. We continue to recommend individuals and families follow the CDC’s guidelines related to mask-wearing & social distancing for ages 12 & under. If you prefer for your child(ren) to remain masked and/or distanced, our team will make the effort to ensure the child(ren) is masked and distanced in support of your request. We are still requiring families to RSVP their child(ren)'s slot(s) until our KC adult worker team returns to full capacity.

Thanks to each of you for responding with grace, compassion, and patience over the last year. It’s so important to remember that for some of us - this new guidance has been far too long in coming, and for others it’s far too soon. It’s in situations like these that the self-sacrificing, others-preferring nature of being a humble disciple has the potential to shine brightly. Let’s continue to extend grace, patience, and kindness with one-another as a testament to what we’ve been given in Jesus.

With our deepest thanks,
NCC Pastoral Staff and Leadership