Romans 5:7–8, Galatians 4:4-5

Big Idea: God needed to stage a demonstration and the world needed an illustration because we needed to see it to believe it.


Fill-In Notes




1. What were some of your family traditions that helped shaped your view of Christmas?

2. You heard a few questions that are central to the message of Christmas (e.g., Why did God have to come as a baby? Why did Jesus have to die?)

a) What questions about Jesus or the Christmas story have you wrestled with at some point?

3. Read Romans 5:6–8. What are some truths about God that you wouldn’t know if Jesus hadn’t demonstrated them?

4. You heard: “Jesus’ death demonstrated the magnitude of our ingratitude and the magnitude of his love for us.”

a) Is it ever difficult for you to believe God loves you that much?

b) Why or why not?

5. What can you do this Christmas season to show gratitude for God’s choice to demonstrate his love for you? How can we in this group help you?