Romans 5:8

Any discussion of “who should I be?” must begin with a proper understanding of who God is.


Fill-In Notes:


Continuing the Conversation:

1. In your observation, how has our American culture impacted or defined the idea of “love”?

2. The love of God is supernatural and beyond human love. His agape is an act of the will, “an intelligent, purposeful attitude of esteem and devotion; a selfless, purposeful, outgoing attitude that desires to do good to the one loved.” How has this special kind of love impacted you the most?

3. CAUTION!! (A moment of humble transparency needed here!) From your own individual perspective, what types of people or people groups tend to seem most unlovable to you?

4. What might it look like or what might need to change if you were to love the unlovable ones the way Jesus did?