1 Timothy 1:15-16

Main Idea: Jesus cultivated patience in his disciples by redefining and resetting their expectations.


Fill-In Notes:


Continuing The Conversation: 

1. Why do you think most people in our American culture are impatient?

2. God’s timing is illustrated with harvest language ( seasons, trees, fruit, vineyards, mustard seed ) and He works slowly over centuries and generations.

a. Is there (or has there been) anything He might be SLOWLY doing in your life that needs(ed) your patience?

3. The Apostle Paul said that Jesus’s patience with him (the “worst [sinner] of them all” ) was to serve as a “prime example” of God’s patience with “even the worst sinners”. How or why do you think His patience is powerful enough to win over “pagans”?

4. Which of these “action steps” hits home the most for you personally?

a. Be patient with even the worst pagans, just as He Is.

b. Start confronting and recalculating your expectations of your people or circumstances.

c. Slow yourself down with silence & solitude.