John 8:31-32

Main Idea: In a world full of lies, God has designed you to take your place among the community of believers as a truth-bearer.


Fill-In Notes:


Continuing The Conversation:

1. Why do you think twisted truths of moral relativism and individualism are so attractive to people? (See message notes for definitions)

2. Instead of “living our own truth” or looking for a “fresh word”, what do you think of this idea?

“But it is not new truths we need; we need old truths recently forgotten. It is not personal truths we need, but rather shared truth preserved and passed down from one believing generation to the next, personalized to us in our current day.” ~ Jen Wilkin

3. How has (or could) abiding in Jesus's teaching that he is the “the way, the truth and the life” help(ed) you...

a. avoid pitfalls OR

b. spot the fakes ?