Vision Sunday 2021

Discover who we are and where we're heading


Fill-In Notes:



1. What’s your reaction to the Vision shared on Sunday? 

2. From your perspective, what are the reasons many married couples are distant, discouraged or depressed in ways that eventually lead to broken hearts & broken vows? 

a. How might this impact the vision & mission of the local church to help make Jesus famous & make reproducing disciples?

3. What’s your story ?

a. Pre-married Single— how are you getting ready for a future marriage or possible  singleness?

b. Married — where did you learn how to be married? 

c. Formerly married — what did you learn about marriage? 

4. How would you describe your level of willingness or apprehension about joining this marriage health & wholeness path? 

a. Essentials Training

b. Enrichment Resources

c. Encouragement Support 

d. Endurance Inspiration