Jeremiah 2:11-13

MAIN MYTH || I can find true satisfaction in this world apart from God.

Fill-In Notes:



1. Where have you noticed people most commonly looking for satisfaction?

2. Where have you seen the results of this failure to find IT showing up in peoples lives a in the following ways?

  • Perpetually Frantic (looking for better but finding exhaustion)
  • Perpetually Angry (looking for freedom by becoming activists)
  • Perpetually Self-Hating (blaming self for failing to find IT)
  • Deeply Cynical (repressing the thirst and becoming bitter)

3. How does knowing God, through Christ, change the way we pursue satisfaction in this world? 

  • What are some specific examples of this from your life in this?

4. How can we love and lead the people we know who are trying to find IT, apart from God?