1 Timothy 1:15

Main Idea || Becoming the kind of christian the world can't resist starts from the only place that we have any chance of growing into the version of disciple Jesus desires: humility. 


Fill-In Notes:


1. In our culture, the word Christian can evoke as many negative reactions as positive ones.

a. Have you faced any negative reactions to Christianity?

b. How did it make you feel, and how did you respond?

2.  Author Scott Sauls writes, “We are meant to be neither holier-than-thou enemies of the culture on the one hand, nor lawless and avaricious products of the culture on the other. Instead, we are to become culture-shapers for the good and flourishing of all.”

a. In your opinion, what’s the difference between being enemies of culture, products of culture, and “sweet perfume” culture-shapers?

3. Scott Sauls also describes a vision for Irresistible Faith. After reading through these images tell the group about your gut reaction:

a. What would it look like for Christians to become the

    • first place people go for comfort when
      • a life-altering diagnosis comes, when
      • anxiety and depression hit, when
      • a child goes astray, when
      • a spouse files for divorce, or when
      • a breadwinner loses a job?
    • a woman with a crisis pregnancy to see the local church, not the local clinic, as her trustworthy source for love, non-judgment, practical support, wise counsel, and much-needed encouragement?
    • the local church to become the most diverse and welcoming—rather than the most homogeneous and inhospitable—community on earth?
    • not only the best kind of friends, but the best kind of enemies, returning insults with kindness and persecution with prayers?
    • the ones who, en masse, to start loving and following the whole Jesus and the whole Scripture, the whole time, into the whole world?

4. Pastor Dan suggested “To be like Jesus, invest yourself in being with Jesus.”

  • What does (or might) investing yourself into “being with” Jesus look like for you?