Ephesians 4:12

Main Idea ||  Christians use words that put courage back into each other’s souls. 


Fill-In Notes:



1. Often the surface appearance of our lives presents a more “connected, relationally full, emotionally satisfying picture” than the reality of our lives.

  • How is this true in your life?
  • Do you see any way social media and technology contribute to this?

2. Is there any way you’ve ever been intentional about nurturing healthy relationships and fighting loneliness in your life?

3. We all can be chameleons, changing to conform to different social situations and to protect ourselves.

  • How or when does your “human chameleon” show up?
  • What have been the consequences in your life?

4. If we all chose kindness over criticism and giving one another the benefit of the doubt over assuming the worst, what kind of difference do you think this would make?

5. Affirming & encouraging words “turn down the volume on shame” and “turn up the volume on grace” and “put courage back into my soul”.  

  • If you’d be willing to practice “speaking the truth in love” now with your group, lets take turns offering a word of

i. encouragement, or

ii. appreciation or

iii. affirmation.