Galatians 6:1–2

Main Idea ||  Cultivation of our irresistible faith requires from us a level of humility that invites others to resist us whenever we get out of step with the gospel.


Fill-In Notes:




1. Author Scott Sauls states that most of us don’t value confrontational truth-telling. Why do you think that’s true?

2. Sometimes we avoid confrontation because we’re afraid of negative reactions, being hypocritical or being judged. Which of those might keep you from practicing “loving confrontation” in your life?

3. Author Scott Sauls says that encouraging words that build up and corrective words that steer away from sin are both essential. When we willingly do both of these, our relationships, families and church communities become stronger – and more irresistible. Can you think of an important relationship in your life that has a balance between the two?

4. If you can answer this and in your experience, in what way(s) has Jesus carefully corrected you with a “scalpel” instead of a “sword”?