Matthew 25:41-45

Main Idea ||  For our faith to be irresistible, Christians must demonstrate active concern for our “least of these” neighbors — an inseparable aspect of a true faith.

Fill-In Notes:



1. The early Christians who “shared their homes, their tables, their time, and their material wealth liberally, in such a way that no one claimed his possessions were his own.”

a. What do we have to learn from these Christians in Acts?

b. What could that look like today?

2. Some factors that might hold us back from unexplainable, eager generosity, including feeling overwhelmed, wanting to avoid the “messiness” of things like homelessness and mental illness, politics, etc.

a. How have you seen these factors at play in your own life and in your community?

3. Many people build their lives on a religious behaviors and sound doctrine but lack an essential sign of God’s transformation – loving their neighbors and those Jesus called “the least of these.” Reflect upon this in your own life and the life of your church community.

a. Are there any changes you could make?