Ephesians 4_17-32

Main Idea || God provides the power to exchange our old life for a new one.

Fill-In Notes:



1. What part of the message resonated with you?

2. If you have your own story of how the truth about Jesus transformed you from a “former way of life” into a “new nature”, would you be willing to share it?

3. Looking back over your spiritual journey, have you noticed any ways in which you’ve “let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes?”

4. Which of these 4 G’s means the most to you?

  • “If I truly believe God is good, I don’t have to look for my comfort in other things.”
  • “If I truly believe God is great, I don’t have to manipulate people or control circumstances.”
  • “If I truly believe God is glorious, I don’t have to fear others.”
  • “If I truly believe God is gracious, I don’t have to prove myself or pretend I’m someone else.”