Facing & Fighting Your Fears
Stress, Anxiety, Discouragement and Depression

Depression and anxiety are common to the human experience. For many, depression and anxiety are viewed as merely issues of the body as a result of biological factors. Others, however, believe them to be solely rooted in spiritual causes such as sin, the testing of one’s faith, or outward persecution. The reality is that depression and anxiety show up in different forms, to varying extents, and with a whole host of causes. As humans, we are made up of both body and soul. Knowing this reality, depression and anxiety will almost invariably affect both.

Therefore, the Christian’s hope for the healing of depression and anxiety is not found in medication alone or spiritual discipline alone. Our only hope and healing is found in Christ, the Maker of body and soul.
God has given a) doctors and medication and b) pastors and Scripture.
In His common grace, we have received physiological and psychological resources which have a tremendous impact on anxiety and depression. However, the chief goal in the treatment of depression and anxiety is to restore the soul to faith, hope, and joy in God through Christ Jesus.