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Your year end missions giving of $4700 brought our 2020 missions giving total to $39,137.25.

Since we’re now supporting fewer missionaries, we are able to send MORE support. This is allowing us to send an additional $18,781.25 to our missionaries as a special year end gift of $1,000 to 14 missionaries.  We were also able to give our featured missionaries from North Central, the Harshbergers, a $4,781.25 gift IN PERSON. Stay tuned for they’re return next year when they come home for a summer tour. We’ll be amped up to have them speak. 

Our 2021 planning includes
  • occasional missions support & giving updates (eNewsletters)
  • Adopt a new missionary 
  • Quarterly missionary speakers
  • Kid Central Church Missions (5th) Sundays using the Harshberger’s YouTube channel PartyCreate! 
  • Quarterly missionary interviews 
  • Monthly missions videos
  • Missionary needs in our Prayer List (Church App)