Big Idea: God’s will is clear: that we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and become more like Christ, which means we can make decisions out of our desire to love him.

Fill-In Notes:



Continuing the Conversation:

1. Thinking back on your life, when & why did you come to “fear God”?

a. (Fear: “The fear that I will hurt Him: a fear founded in love and producing holiness of character and righteousness of conduct.”)

2. God uses three main ways (Scripture + wise counsel + prayer) to give us direction. What are you facing today where you need direction from God?

3. As you absorb this quote: “The way of wisdom is a way of life. If you are a person of prayer, full of regular good counsel from others, and steeped in the truth of the Word, you should begin to make many important decisions instinctively, and some of them even quickly.” ~ Kevin DeYoung

a. What do you sense God leading you to do next?