Romans 5_1-2

Main Idea || We can have peace with God because of what Jesus has done for us.

Fill-In Notes:



1. “Saving faith” is a “trust transfer” – the removing of one’s hopes & trust from other things to place them on God as Savior. Do you remember when & how you first made that “trust transfer”?

2. Justification is not merely the removal of a negative (hostility)—it has a positive aspect: relationship. This is friendship w/God. We can now go to God continually with our requests, problems, failures; and he hears us & relates to us. How is that friendship developing in your life?

3. If Jesus took our “rap sheet” (guilt) and gave us his “resume” (righteousness), why might we still be so self-confident in our own righteousness or self-condemning of our own unrighteousness?